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Gift Set - Exquisite Oolong Collection

Gift Set - Exquisite Oolong Collection

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Long Red Cape (20g) : A famous Wuyi cliff tea from 2019. If you haven't tried any cliff tea before, this is a great opportunity.

Phoenix Dancong (20g) : Dancong tea is another famous Oolong tea from the Guangdong Province of China, known for its unique and delicate aroma.

Aged Eastern Beauty (20g) : Eastern Beauty is one of the famous Oolong teas from Taiwan. This tea has been intentionally aged for 10-15 years, allowing its flavors and aromas to mature and deepen.


Your tea will come in a charming kraft paper bag packaging.

If you would like to upgrade to a deluxe tea caddy, please add the tea caddy to your order, then include a note or send me an email right after placing the order. In the event that your tea exceeds the capacity, the remaining portion will be packed in a kraft paper bag, providing a convenient option for easy refills.

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