the way of tea - cha dao

Self-Cultivation Through Tea

There is a tea saying "一期一會" (Ichigo ichie), which is Japanese for "one encounter, one chance".

We treat every tea ceremony with the highest respect and attention. Every detail of a tea ceremony, every step taken in the preparation is fully intentional and mindful.

tea ceremony

Come together in a serene space to share tea, whether it is the more meditative bowl tea ceremony or the traditional Chinese gongfu tea ceremony. 

A Wellness Journey and A Mindfulness Practice 

Cultivate stillness and calm while drinking tea in silence, learn to live in the present moment. This experience can be deeply moving, providing an opportunity to gain clarity, wisdom and inner healing. 

For Gatherings or Celebration

We often say, “Through Tea Make Friends”. A tea ceremony can be arranged in a more casual or semi-formal setting as a great way to connect with friends and family. 

Allow ourselves to be present, have a free and open mind, and fully immerse into the tea ceremony. 

The tea ceremony can be arranged in the tea room in London (St. Margarets, postcode: TW1), or in your chosen location. If you are interested in arranging a tea ceremony, please email to or fill in the form with your preferred date/time and requirements. Do not hesitate to reach out in case of any questions.

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“Seeing extraordinary in extraordinary, this is ordinary. Seeing extraordinary in ordinary, this is extraordinary.” - Wu De