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Peter Kuo Kettle Set (pre-order)

Peter Kuo Kettle Set (pre-order)

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This item is currently available for pre-order. It will be dispatched to you in 2-4 weeks after you complete your purchase.

These beautiful sets were designed by Peter Kuo, Da Qian Studio. These amazing kettles are absolutely stunning and work like a charm.

These kettles make incredibly smooth water. The pour is amazing for gongfu tea or bowl tea and the iron cast handles with hemp wrap are a pleasure to hold, especially with your index finger extended. Peter also made the button hollow, suggesting that you use a tea utensil or a stick to grab the lid when it is hot.

Every set comes with a glass alcohol burner. Use this kettle on gas, infrared, charcoal or alcohol and take care to make sure it is empty after every use.

Each kettle is approximately 2L in capacity.

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